Caretta Caretta

Loggerhead turtles (Caretta Caretta) are on the list of animals in danger of extinction, largely due to over-hunting in France, Italy and The Far East, where they are considered luxury food.

Caretta Carettas come to Iztuzu beach to lay their eggs between May and July. With the support and efforts of the people of Dalyan, the beach is now under protection. Baby turtles hatch between July and September. There are many natural predators of the eegs, especially foxes. The nests on the beach are protected by cages to deter predators. After hatching, baby turtles go towards the light reflecting on the water where they will start their life. However, many die of thirst because they lose their way and cannot make it to the sea. If there is another light in the area that might mislead them, they fallow this and lose their lives. For this reason, it is prohibited to enter the beach from sunset  until dawn.

On the land side of Iztuzu you can visit Dekamer, which is established as a research, rescue and rehabilitation centre for Caretta Carettas, where you can get detailed information about sea turtles and see the turtles being treated there, including babies taken from the beach, which were not going to make it to the sea.