Ancient City of Caunos

Kaunos (Latin: Caunus) was a city of ancient Caria, on the other side of the river, and to the west of the modern town of Dalyan. Dalyan River was the border between Caria and Lycia, Kaunos started as a separate state, then became part of Caria, and later part of Lycia. It was an important sea port, dating back to the 10 th century BC. From approximately 200 BC onwards Iztuzu beach started to form and the former Bay of Dalyan gradually silted up. By the end of the Hellenistic period it had lost its important function as a trade port, and is now located 8 km. from the coast. After its capture by Turkish tribes and the serious malaria epidemic of the 15th century AD, Kaunos was completely abandoned. Archeological excavations commenced in 1966, and are still on –going. A visit to Kaunos is extremely rewarding experience.