İztuzu Beach

Iztuzu is one of the few remaining beaches where the Caretta Carettas (Loggerhead turtles) find it safe to lay their eggs. It has won high awards for maintraining its natural state, including best in Europa and second in the world. It is 5,4 kms. long and consist of fine, golden sand, the shore sloping very gradually in to the sea, making it very safe for bathing. The water is crystal clear. It is unusual in that one side is fresh water from the River Dalyan and the other is sea water.

No construction is allowed on the bench except for the beach facilities and restaurant at either end. To avoid possible damage to turtles and nests pets are not allowed. Also the beach is closed from dusk to dawn to avoid light pollution leading the newly hatched turtles in the wrong  direction.

There are  two ways to get to the beach. The first is by boat from Dalyan passing through a maze of tall reeds, with the river meandering first one way, then the other, and with glimpses of the ancient city of Kaunos along the way. You arrive at the west end of the beach, where the river meets the sea.

The second way is to take the minibus from the small bus station near the mosque. The journey is through beautiful countryside, along Sülüngür Lake, then climbing high throngh pine forests, before dropping  down to the eastern end of the beach. The turtle hospital, rehabilitation and research centre are at this end of the beach and are well worth a visit.